King Kaumualii in clay form
Riding the Crest
9"x16"21, bronze edition 1/21"
Ocotillo, Alabaster Ocotillo 2, Alabaster
First Love, Alabaster Mirage, Alabaster
Embrace, Serpentine Kiss, Steatite
Pierce Brosnan, Plaster Pierce Brosnan, Bronze
Ataturk, Bronze Ataturk, Bronze
Reverend Donor MacNiece, Terracotta Reverend Donor MacNiece, Terracotta
Joseph P. Rinnert, Bronze, 1997 Joseph P. Rinnert, Bronze, 1997
Stallion, Alabaster
Marathon Man, Serpentine
Lovers, Marble
Wave, Alabaster
Reclining Man, Alabaster
Reclining Man, Alabaster
First Kiss, Serpentine
Woman's Torso, Serpentine
Island Lovers , Belgian Marble Summer Dream, Glass, marble and steel
Reflections, Marble
St. Joseph, Turkish Marble Sister's of St. Joseph Memorial
Eureka, California